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    Are the wheels of your car crusted in mud?
    Do you have strange spots on the surface of your car roof?
    Are your car seats covered in crumbs from months of snacking?

    Maybe its time for a car wash! Whether you need an exterior full body wash or an interior full body wash, we have the valet and detailing service to suit your needs.


    After years of being in the car wash business, we have been able to perfect our services and expand our specialized equipment to be able to offer a variety of services to fit your needs.

    About Us

    The Darwin Mobile Car Wash and Detail company started as a locally owned family business in the Darwin area. We used to offer basic car valet services for people in the community who didn’t have enough time to vacuum their cars or wash them down on a sunny day. After a couple years of offering the basic services, we have increased our services to now include a number of targeted cleaning tasks like engine cleaning and car waxing. These services are important for the routine maintenance of your car and to ensure it remains in top shape for years! 
    We can get especially busy in the dry season, so we do advise customers to call in advance for a booking if they can! 
    We cover all suburbs of Darwin, from Palmerston to Durack, so if you have a vehicle needing cleaned in these areas you can count on us.

    Our Services

    At Darwin Mobile Car Wash and Detail we offer a variety of services to fit your budget and cleaning needs. We have express car wash services for interior and exterior areas, we offer all inclusive luxury deep cleaning services, and targeted cleaning services in case you just need your wheels cleaned. We are proud to be able to tailor our services to your needs so that you feel well attended to and don’t waste time or money when you shouldn’t.

    Express Car Wash

    Interior Car Detail

    Exterior Car Detail

    Express Car Wash

    Our express car wash service is perfect if you are looking for a quick suds down of your car or if you are short for time. This is a popular service among people who are attending special events and want to make a good impression upon their arrival. A quick express car wash the night before the event ensures that you look the part and don’t have to worry about getting your clothing dirty when getting in and out of your car.

    Interior Car Detail

    The interior car detail service is designed for all of us who sometimes spill sodas, crumbs, makeup, paint, you name it, inside our cars. We all live busy lives and things can get messy sometimes. Its part of life. If you have kids or pets, you especially know this to be true! You might not always have time to pick up the melted candy under your car seat or to vacuum up the fur from your dogs. Leave the task to us! We have specialized equipment to vacuum car interiors, take up melted candies and other mystery ingredients, and eliminate odors like damp dog smells and rotten food that might be haunting your cars.

    Exterior Car Detail

    The exterior car detail service we offer is designed to target a number of car wash needs and help you give routine maintenance to your car. Our exterior car detail service includes window washing and polishing, engine cleaning, roof window cleaning, wheel washing and polishing, and underside cleaning. These services are designed to target different problem areas in a car that usually get dirty and need care, and are usually the most difficult to clean on your own. The exterior car detail services can be requested as a package or as individual services depending on your needs and preferences.

    Full Car Wash and Detail
    Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

    Full Car Wash and Detail

    The Darwin Mobile Car Wash and Detail company offers a variety of car wash services for the residents in the Darwin community including full car wash and detail. As one of the leading car wash companies in the area, this is one of our most popular services. A full car wash and detail is the best and most affordable way to keep your car in top shape and give it routine maintenance.

    Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

    Whether you own a car rental company and need routine cleaning services for your cars, or own a private business and would like a reliable company to do the car washing services for your cars, we are the company for you! After years of being in the business, we have experience working with commercial vehicle companies and tailoring our services to their needs.

    Car Detailing FAQ

    How much does car detailing cost?

    Basic car detailing costs around $45 to $130 for an average-sized car and $75 to $150 for an SUV. The service includes a wash, wax, interior vacuuming, interior polish, window wash, mirror and trim cleaning and tire cleaning.

    However, a full car detail requires attention to detail, taking more time and effort to make the car back to new condition. It targets all stains, marks, and imperfections. Detailing also will focus on waxing and polishing. This will also include a through wipe and clean of interior as well and can cost you between $150 and $500 depending on the vehicle size and level of clean you go for.

    What does car detailing include?

    Car detailing is the art of cleaning and restoring a car or vehicle to like-new condition. The process is labour intensive but more thorough than a standard car clean, and is often broken down into interior and exterior sections, as well as engine cleaning.

    Exterior cleaning includes Wash and dry, Paint Claying, Polishing and waxing. Still, it can involve trim repainting, glass chip repair, engine detailing, engine pressure cleaning, headlight polishing, bumper repair, and paint touch up.

    Interior cleaning involves scrubbing and brushing, vacuuming, glass cleaning, leather trimming, steam cleaning and perfuming.

    Is it worth detailing a car?

    Car detailing keeps your car shiny and like now and will also help increase the resale value but improves your pride of ownership. A complete valet can make your vehicle look as good as new when done by someone who has experience in cleaning cars, so you get a tangible return on your investment!

    How long should it take to detail a car?

    This really depends on how dirty the car is as well a car’s size, and how thorough the detailer plans to get.
    For a full detailing, i.e., both interior and exterior, it takes an average of 1-2 hours. However, for a car that isn’t excessively dirty could take longer. If you were doing an inside and out of a caravan, with full interior vacuums and polish, this would take a full day.

    How often should I clean my car?

    We recommend you wash your car every two weeks generally at least. However, you can wash your car every week, depending on how dirty it gets. If you live in salty areas where it’s a rainy climate, you may need to wash your car more often. Salt corrodes metal causing rusting and dirt splashing from puddles will soil the car quicker.

    Does detailing get rid of scratches?

    If your car has minor scratches and chips, the detailers can apply touch-up paint to cover them up. However, in case of severe damage, you will need a full paint and clear coat, which is then subjected to sanding and waxing and will have additional costs involved.

    Is it worth detailing a car?

    Car detailing keeps your car brand new and shiny, which not only increases the resale value but boosts your pride of ownership. A complete detailing can make your vehicle look as good as new when done by professionals. That makes worth the cost.

    What is the difference between valeting and detailing?

    Valeting is the service that focusses on cleaning the bodywork and interior of a car.
    Car detailing is a process of thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of a vehicle besides doing minor repairs to improve the appearance. However both terms are known to be very similar and often will cross over each other.

    Contact Us Today

    Give us a ring or send us a message through our website if you are interested in our services and routine cleaning maintenance! 
    We offer a full car and vehicle valet service and can travel all over Darwin! 
    Also check out our sister company in the USA, Transmission Repair Omaha.

    “I have a rental car company and we have been working closely with the Darwin Car Wash team for years. They always do the express full body wash or specialized services, depending on our needs. The team is really reliable and always available to take our cars in for routine cleaning.” Peter K. Palmerston
    We take our car here once a month for a routine cleaning. Its been really helpful to get a routine valet service because it helps prevent the car from getting overly dirty. The team is super professional; we highly recommend them!” Joanna D. Palmerston 
    “My cousin recommended the engine cleaning service at the Darwin Mobile Car Wash and Detail compny, saying it really helps to prevent oil build up and debris from accumulating inside the engine. The team did a great job, I’m really happy with their work!” Leonard F.

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