Exterior Car Detail

Does your car need a wash? Whether its coated with mud from a ride in the country or you have spots from birds, pollen, and other radical elements flying around in the air, the cleaning team at Darwin Mobile Car and Wash Detail can offer you an exterior car detail! The exterior car detail service is designed to provide the basic services you would need to have a spotless clean car, including an exterior suds and rinse service, wheel cleaning, underside rinse and car polish to finish the job of.

Exterior Wash: Suds and Rinse

The exterior car detail service begins with the most basic and traditional service of all: a good old suds and rinse. Giving your car a traditional wash with car soap and water is a time old way to make it shine. At Darwin Mobile Car and Wash Detail we make this service worth your while by using special car soap and washing equipment that carefully scrubs the surface of your car without creating scratch marks or taking up a paint coat. After the traditional suds and rinse job, we move to the wheels, underside, and finish with a car polishing service to make your car look sparkling clean.

Wheel Cleaning

Having clean wheels is a game changer especially when they are coated with mud and debris from riding in the country. The cleaning team at Darwin Mobile Car and Wash Detail has unique equipment to be able to clean wheels and get in between the nuts and bolts to clear out accumulated grease and dust. We also have wheel shiner to make your wheels look spotless clean. If you are only interested in a wheel detailing service, without a full body wash, talk to our team members so we can tailor our services to your needs.

Underside Rinse

As one of the leading car wash companies in the Darwin area we are proud to offer a variety of specialized exterior car wash services including underside rinse. After years of being in the business, we have been able to acquire specialized equipment that allows us to clean the underside of your car. This service can help dislodge any cracked mud that has accumulated under your car and blow away debris that might have gotten stuck between the underside mechanics.

Car Polishing

As a finishing touch to our exterior car detail service, we offer car polishing services. Polishing your car is a great way to maintain the paint in top shape and protect the surface of your car from UV rays, water damage and stains from radical chemicals that can come from the atmosphere or other cars around you. The car polishing service is offered as the last service of an all inclusive exterior car detailing service or as an individual service, according to your needs. If you would like more information about the benefits of investing in car polish, our scheduling, and the process behind the service, give us a call!
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