Interior Car Detail

Car interiors get dirty quickly and easily. Whether you have pets, kids, or none of the above, it is easy to accumulate crumbs between seat creases, candy wrappers under your chair, and dust along air vents. You might not have time to spend vacuuming your car and dusting your dashboard during the weekend but we do! And that’s why were here to help and offer our interior car detail services for you. Below we give a description of some of the services that are available to you. If you are interested in getting more detailed information, give us a call or send us a message through our contact page to talk directly with a team member of the Darwin Mobile Car Wash and Detail company.


If you have ever vacuumed a car’s interior, you know that it is no easy job. Getting a normal home vacuum to reach in between all the nooks and crannies in a car is difficult, especially when your vacuum cord doesn’t reach long enough from the outlet. Forget trying to choreograph a home vacuuming session of your car. This is probably one of the least fun chores you can do. Give the chore to us because we have the specialized car vacuums that makes the task easier but also more effective. We promise to get all crumbs, twigs, grass, mud, and other things sticking to your car’s interior out!

Dashboard Antibacterial Cleaning

Car dashboards can get dirty quickly because they are some of the most touched surfaces in the car. Giving your dashboard a good cleaning and antibacterial wipe down is essential to maintaining hygienic standards and protecting yourself and your family from unwanted diseases. Our interior car detailing service includes dashboard cleaning and antibacterial wipe downs to make sure the surface is clean and safe.

Scent Eradication

Does your car have a faint smell of damp dog or melted candies from last Halloween? Maybe your kids spilled a McDonald’s hamburger on the floor once and you can’t get the smell of Ketchup away. Having a smelly car is not a good look for anyone and trying to get the smell out yourself can prove tiring and frustrating. Bring your car to the Darwin Mobile Car Wash and Detail company for an interior detail cleaning service. This service includes scent eradication services to help eliminate and eradicate any odors in your car that don’t belong there.

Window Polishing

Windows can get scratched or have finger prints and oil marks from mischievous kids playing around in the back. If you have melted candy on your windows, or need a window polishing then you should give us a ring! Our interior detail service includes window polishing for both exterior and interior panels to make sure your windows are clean. At the end of the day, having clean windows is a safety measure for all cars and drivers and we want to make sure you are in the safest position.
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